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Midland Capital Bank's checking account holders can use Midland Capital Bank debit cards at any VISA card member store. Customers can use it for cash withdrawals, purchases and payments.

  • Midland Capital Bank provides instant issuance of debit cards at the time of account opening.
  • You can choose your own PIN for the card.
  • Without carrying cash in your pocket, enjoy the convenience of using your debit card within balance and transaction limit.
Surcharge-Free Allpoint Network

Midland Capital Bank’s debit cards can be used at 55,000 surcharge-free Allpoint Network locations in USA, Canada, UK, Mexico, Australia and Puerto Rico. Check out the Allpoint ATM locations by clicking on the below button:


No additional fee from Allpoint ATMs. There is $2.00 fee per transaction charged by Midland Capital Bank.

Debit Card Support

For lost or stolen credit or debit card, unauthorized use or access device or transaction, please report to:

Lost or Stolen Debit/ATM Card: 1-800-234-8969 or nearest Midland Capital Bank branch
Customer Service: +14133382265 9:00 AM ~ 5:00 PM EST & PST

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